IT Innovators

Bringing Salesforce Development services and solutions to all business environments and needs. IT Innovators is leading the way in serving Atlanta's SMB needs through quick response times in today's challenging and time-critical 24/7 business environment. We provide on-site and remote support for optimal response to any situation.

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IT Innovators
 helps your SMB implement salesforce to fully derive all the benefits and implementation of your org.
: The #1 Platform-as-a-Service, helps developers create and deploy next-generation cloud apps, using rock-solid APIs and frameworks. delivers an on-demand cloud database with easy tools for building data driven applications and APIs for integrating with other apps.

API: Use REST and SOAP APIs to access, modify and report on your organization’s data and to create notifications when it changes.

Mobile SDK: Everything you need to build custom native iOS and Android Apps.

Programmatic: Add business logic and triggers to your organization’s data with Apex and build custom interfaces with Visualforce.

Drag & Drop Business Logic: Create and modify application components, including objects, page layouts, reports, workflow rules, approval processes triggers, and more.

Social: Users, data, and processes are instantly social and feed first. Create custom, contextually aware feed publishers to make your apps smarter and faster.

Security: Control access to your apps, data and logic with fine-grained programmatic and user-level access control.

ExactTarget Fuel: Powers multi-channel marketing programs for many of the world’s top brands. Fuel is an integrated collection of platform technologies that is open to third-party development, enabling you to build upon, extend, and integrate with ExactTarget’s digital marketing products.

Fuel includes:

APIs: Automate email campaigns, seamlessly integrate marketing, analytics, and other business software, and build Marketing Cloud applications.

SDKs: Use native platform and language constructs to integrate with ExactTarget including Java, .NET, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Fuel UX: Build apps the deeply integrate with the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud using familiar JavaScript technologies.

Fuel Cloud Editor: Easily embed world-class content creation in your Marketing Cloud or stand-alone app.

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